How to cover backlogs?

“I am running behind schedule.
“I have a backlog of class X1 chapters.”
“My current chapter is connected to my backlogs– What should I do?”
“Unable to go with a steady pace of the class and also have many backlogs.”

You must have these concerns in mind if you are a school-going student or someone preparing for competitive exams. And if you face difficulty in completing the targets then you should know that you are not alone.

A Backlog is a workload that develops when you are unable to finish your topics on time. There can be multiple reasons behind the increasing backlog. This could be due to problems in your preparation strategy, delaying your schedule, procrastination, your health, or some other reason. With time, this backlog keeps on increasing and starts creating a burden on the students which develops the Fear of missing out(FOMO).

Types of backlogs:-

  1. One where you didn’t study any particular topic.
  2. Second when you didn’t get the conceptual clarity.
  3. The third is when you are unable to complete the chapter. 

Now don’t panic when you have a backlog because you are not the only student who has it. Almost all students, including Toppers, have backlogs but what’s important is how to address the problem of backlogs. The very fact that you have identified it as a problem shows your seriousness and intent to solve it. I often say if you are struggling/ facing challenges, facing problems assume your preparation is going in the right direction. Usually, an easy path leads you nowhere. 

Tips to cover Backlogs

PRESENT IS MORE IMPORTANT: Focus on topics that are being taught in present. If you leave the present topics and start studying for previously taught chapters, you are not resolving the backlog issue but further aggravating it. Your backlog list will keep on increasing. You will not be able to cover your backlogs with this strategy.

Remember the first step to cover backlogs is to ensure that no new backlogs are created. Whenever you are studying any topic and you get a doubt, make sure that you clear the doubt then and there itself. This will ensure that there is no creation of backlog in the first place and revise the topic otherwise you’ll forget it and a new backlog will be created.

Which topic to cover first in Backlog?

Divide and Conquer – Devote 2–3 hours each day to complete your backlog. The rest of the time should be exclusively reserved for present homework. Make a list of backlogs and decide the sequence.

Keep following things in mind when you start covering your backlogs. 

  • When the topics are inter-related, then start afresh topic that is not connected to previous topics. 
  • Start with the topics which seem interesting to you.
  • Start with the topics which have higher weightage (Refer to the trend of past years).
  • Don’t be in a hurry  – Don’t think that you can complete your “huge” backlog within a month. It will take time but if you will keep believing and follow things properly, it will get covered soon. Remember, No hadbadi. Focus your energies on activities that increase your level.
  • Don’t try to complete everything- Sometimes it is a good strategy to take something off your plate.
  • If you are studying an interconnected topic and the time is less-
  • Give preference to notes rather than the modules.
  • Solved Examples are more important than Exercises.
  • Focus on theory+ Solved Examples+ Previous Year Questions.

Last but not least the reason for backlog can be solving too many questions/ watching too many Youtube videos/ studying the chapter from multiple sources. So SAY NO to random stuff and ensure no deviation from the plan.

In a nutshell, the focus should be on resolving the problem of backlog and not grieving on the fact that you have backlogs. Remember if you focus on your goals, you will hardly get bothered by your problems but if your focus is more on problems, you will lose sight of your Goal.

Stay happy. Stay blessed.

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