About Parentshala

Being a parent is not easy, on the contrary, it’s a roller coaster ride full of emotions. Yet it is the most precious moment in the life of an individual. With parenting comes challenges and responsibilities to raise your child. Provide them emotional, social, intellectual, and physical support. Developing a healthy relationship with your child ensures your involvement in their life. As the time proceeds, the child grows and it becomes important to provide them quality education.

With the aim of assisting parents in providing quality education, inculcating ethical values, and providing them vocational courses, we came up with a dream to enrich parents with resources that will help them find the best possible ways to get the best counseling for them and explore their career options. We called this dream PARENTSHALA.

We understand how important it is to provide correct counseling to your child regarding his/her career. Our initiatives actualize the inner potential and increase the learning and understanding capacity of students. Keeping the children goal-oriented and developing a learning mindset among children right from the beginning can help have a growth mindset. Orienting the children in their career and polishing their traits, enhancing their skills can be beneficial for them in long run.

Parents play an important role in keeping their children in the right direction. We work to increase parent-children interaction and help them understand their viewpoint. Addressing the multiple aspects of parenting involving parent-children issues is our top priority. Along with sharing real-life inspirational stories to motivate you and your kid, Parentshala provides you a platform to ask your queries and interact with us. We will be addressing all your questions and problem related to multiple topics. Be it academics, Career counseling, or any other issue. Our resources related to multiple topics, video content, and text material are icing on the cake. Along with which the Podcast facility helps you stream online or download or audio series that you can hear whenever and where ever you want. The courses offered by us and our authors can prove to be beneficial to many parents and their children.

Career guidance and counseling help an individual to identify himself. Although it will occur on its own as time proceeds and you mature, you may benefit from getting assistance as you navigate through this process, which can be quite confusing at times. To overcome these confusions, we help in providing Career Guidance and Continuous Assistance.

With the advancement in technology and the fast-moving world, it has become important to adapt to keep pace with changing mindset. This can be partially achieved through a focus on the advancement of skills that are relevant to the emerging environment. The challenge pertains not only to a huge quantitative expansion in training for the children but also to the much more important task of raising their quality. With a goal to create opportunities, space and scope for the development of the talents of children and to enhance their expertise areas, we came up with the idea of PARENTSHALA.