The right time is now!

The right time is now

Rajat was driving to a friend’s place for dinner. The area was unfamiliar to him. He gets lost. He stops to ask a passerby for directions.

Who is stopping your progress

The man smirks at Rajat and sarcastically informs, “You have driven 500 meters past the turn you were supposed to take. You have ‘missed’ the turn!”

Rajat scratched his head in disbelief. He wanted to blame the chattering of the girls in the car for the ‘miss’. His sister patiently asks him, “Now, what will you do? You have already driven 500 meters ahead; why not round off the distance to 1000 meters and then take U turn?”

Rajat looked at his sister annoyingly. She continued, “Would you do that knowing fully well, to reach your destination, the right thing to do is to take a ‘U’ turn right now?”

Rajat was still pissed off and his sister got out of the car and said to him, “Look at this as a learning moment bro! See, when we are moving in the wrong direction, we will take an immediate U turn.

But when it comes to our Goals and dreams, we continue moving in the wrong direction, thinking that we will change the habits/take action from the next day, week or month.

So ask yourself

  • Are you wasting time scrolling social media posts?
  • Are you watching Netflix and Amazon prime endlessly?
  • Are you watching useless You Tube motivational videos one after the other?
  • Are you postponing self-study and revision day after day?
  • Do you want to start exercising and waking up early in morning?

 If the answer is Yes than the right time to take charge and change things is RIGHT NOW.

The best time to let go of habits that take you away from your Goals is RIGHT NOW.

The best time to make a decision that has the power to change your life is RIGHT NOW.

Take a U turn, take charge of your life. Don’t delay is further

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