Know How to Focus on Your Goals? You’re Already Successful!

A daughter went to her father and said…“I won’t be going to the temple anymore..

Father said, “May I ask why”?

The daughter said, “When I go there all I see are people busy on their mobile phones during service and bhajans. Some are gossiping, others are watching videos. They are all such hypocrites…”

Father, thoughtfully asked her, “OK… may I ask you to do something for me before you make your final decision?”

The daughter curiously replied, “Yes.. but what’s that?”

Know how to focus on your goals

Father said, Go to the temple for just one more day and after that, you decide whether you want to go or not. But this time, hold a glass of water and take 2 rounds of the temple. Make sure, water doesn’t fall from the glass”

The daughter replied with confidence, “Yes… I can definitely do that”

The next day, after completing the rounds, she came back excitedly and said, “It’s done, Not a single drop of water fell down”

To this, her father brought up QUESTIONS, that changed her whole perspective.

Father asked her, “Did you see anybody on their phone or anybody gossiping?” Or “Was anybody living without integrity?”

 Perplexed yet confident she replied, “I didn’t see anything. I had to focus on my glass and the water within… making sure the water didn’t spill out”

Father grinned a smile and said, “When you go to the temple, this is what you should do. Simply FOCUS, THINK and CONNECT with God

As students,
We should STAY FOCUSED on our Goals.

REMOVE all such unnecessary details from our minds. 

I have seen a lot of students like to know each and every detail about everything, even their teacher’s personal or family details. This is the root of CAUSING DISTRACTION. 

Arjuna became the Best Archer not because of Dronacharya.

It is because of his FOCUS.

When you put paper in the focus of a ray of light, it burns. 

That is the POWER of FOCUS.


When you focus on your problems, you don’t see the Goal!


When you focus on your Goal, you don’t see the Problems!

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