Content is King but Context is Kingdom

Yesterday I was walking along with Gupta ji, my neighbour in Panchsheel,Delhi. Everybody, including me, had a rather negative image of Gupta ji (Kanjoos, money extractor, self-centred and troublemaker).

While walking, he shared that 30 years back, they were a very well to do business family with a lot of properties. One day, his elder brother died in a road accident and that day, everything changed. They sold all their properties and their father lost interest in business. And that’s where the downfall of his family started.

He said that he was too young to say or do anything. That walk changed my entire perspective about Gupta ji. I realized that the man had to face a lot of suffering- probably that’s why he’s always adamant about saving money.

He probably has unhealed trauma from his inability to speak at a young age- perhaps that’s why he is so adamant on not making compromises as well.

It was this little walk that made me understand the context behind Gupta ji’s behavior. I learned that we must never be too quick to judge.

Why do we judge anyways? We certainly are not perfect creatures from heaven, are we? We must change our perspective. Instead of complaining about a half- empty glass, let us look at a glass that’s half- full.

Moral- Without context Content does not have any value

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