#2/ Rigid notions about Good and Bad jobs

A routine office job or the best Chole Bhature shop in city, which one do you think is better?
Hold on- answer assuming your own child has to decide one among both of them.

Did you change your answer? Why? Societal notion is that it is better to have an average office job over a lucrative street food cart or “thela”.

Yesterday I was having lunch with a friend at a local bathure-wala. As we talked over our plates of this delicious meal, I thought out- loud about how much a bathure- wala, with a single- story shop could possibly earn?
To this, my friend exclaimed, “Oh this guy? He owns a 3BHK flat in GK 1 and a car! His son is my kid’s classmate at DPS!” I found myself quite surprised at this revelation.

Then, I observed the servers around me. I looked at the watchman, the two guys with the mops and four other men ready to deliver orders at home- this bathure- wala must have employed at least forty people!
This made me ponder on how even though this guy probably earns in lakhs, nobody would support their child to become a bhature- wala. Why is it that some jobs are more respected than others? Is the work bad or is it our mindset?

Managing a whole restaurant is definitely more difficult than sitting on a table all day long, typing away- it even pays more! However, the former is seen as less respectful.
This mindset is especially prevalent in India, where every third parent pushes their child to become either doctor or an engineer. Somebody aiming to start their own tech/ fitness company is an entrepreneur but a pan wala, selling hundreds of pans a day, is not.

Students who study abroad are known to take up jobs like waiting tables, sending the mail, etc. in their teenage years to get financial independence. They learn managing finances, accountability, responsibility and independence at an early age. However, even in the most developed places in India, such things are mostly unheard of.
During my silver jubilee meet one of my teachers said “kisi bhi badi cheez mein kuch bhi karne se achhha hain ki choti chhez mein bada karain”
What are your thoughts on this?

Avinash Agarwal
Founder Director- Disha Publication
Author : Topper Study Hacks
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#2/ Rigid notions about Good and Bad jobs

#2/ Rigid notions about Good and Bad jobs
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