10 signs your child has a high IQ- Part 2

This article is in continuation to my first article. So without any further ado, let’s dive in straight and look into next signs that represent your child has high IQ.

6. Sets High Standards

Does your kid get frustrated if some other kid scores more? As a toddler did they cry when they couldn’t solve the puzzle? Smart kids set high standards for themselves. They know secretly know they are better than others. 

Quick pop-culture reference here: I recently watched a season of a popular TV series titled, ‘Modern Family.’ Great concept, well-executed. One of the characters, Alex, is depicted as an intelligent child in a house of averages. She sets impossibly high standards for herself every time and comes close to achieving them as well. 

In my 15 years as well, I have seen kids like that. They would be the toppers in their class, and they would cry or find it hard to swallow if somebody else outperformed them. They have an instinctual need to improve and do better in areas that matter to them. 

7. Talkative with Adults

Rahul, my childhood friend, come over a few nights ago on the pretext of some conference here in Delhi. His son, Dhruv, came along with him. I like Dhruv. He does not shy away like other teens his age who slink away to their room when people come over. He is always excited to talk to everybody, including adults. 

He spends as much time with my son as he does with me and my wife whenever he comes over. He scores in the top percentile in his class and participates in a variety of extra-curricular activities. He is highly intelligent for sure. 

Children who possess high intelligence are sometimes described as ‘little adults.’ I call Dhruv ‘old man’ but that’s just for fun! 

A particularly bright child can be identified if, instead of playing with the other kids, they spend more time talking with chatting up the adults. Enjoying a conversation on a variety of topics is also a sign of intelligence. 

8. They leave you speechless sometimes. 

This one is a little difficult to figure out since kids tend to ask a hundred questions throughout the day anyway; but if your kid asks really thought-provoking questions, it is a sign of high intelligence. 

I was reading on the topic once and I came across this story where a 2-year-old kid asks his mother why his name is Ryan. He wanted to know if he could change it. Unbelievable! 

Children ask questions all the time because they are curious little creatures and that is a natural part of growing up. However, some children tend to ask some really thought-provoking questions or give few really witty answers that leave us stumped. 

Good questions mean that the child has really thought on the subject and it shows their capacity to analyze. 

9. They are good leaders

Intelligence is not only about scoring high in exams, and there are many types of intelligence as you already know. One of them is the ability to lead and garner a following at a young age. 

At my school, one of my batch mates, Abhinav, used to be one of those natural leaders. All of us used to rally around him whenever there was any big event, a football match, or getting in line during the school assembly. He’s doing exceptionally well today and it has made me realize his ability to lead was a mark of high intelligence. 

There are always few kids who naturally move up the social ladder at school and these are the ones who display a high level of intelligence. 

So take care to notice if your kid is the one leading the others. If yes, he might just be a future leader in making. 

10. More than good grades

The dominant assumption that good grades equal bright children is a little obvious but not the entire picture. 

Let’s take an example. This was a few years ago. My son was excitedly telling me over dinner how the topper of the class, Bhavna, couldn’t even complete the IQ test they performed in psychology class. “But isn’t she the topper in your batch?” I asked. “Yeah but looks like she is not good in anything else but studying”, he replied grinning ear to ear, apparently excited at the thought of the class topper put off her pedestal. 

You’ll see signs like these all around. Just ask your kids. Toppers get overrun by regular students and backward benchers suddenly start performing exceptionally well towards the end of the year. Good grades are not the only indication of being bright. Highly intelligent students perform well in many areas, be it sports, music, debating, quiz and others.

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