The festival of lights is more than just a celebration in our culture. It stems from one of the two great Indian epics and is a source of entertainment, joy and wisdom for people of all ages.
However, especially for students, Diwali has countless gems of wisdom that can help each individual grow into the best versions of themselves.

Here are 10 lessons every student can learn from Diwali.

1. Self-discipline the only path for winners

Who better to give an example of a self-disciplined man other than Lord Rama? According to the stories, Rama had the highest level of discipline and honesty. He was the prime example of how a good person should live.

2. Good always overcomes evil

No matter how much evil spreads, good will always find a way to come back. It is an important lesson to understand for students. Encourage your kid to do one good deed every day, however small.

3. Humility

Rama is the perfect example of humility. A great son, a great husband, a great warrior and a righteous person. Humility and politeness are excellent values for the young student to learn.

4. A festival of brotherhood

Diwali is not just celebrated among Hindus but other cultures as well. Sikhs also celebrate it is as Bandichor Diwas to celebrate the release of Guru Hargobind from prison. Jains celebrate it as the day the last Tirthankara attained Nirvana. Students can learn about the customs and traditions of different cultures.

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5. Family comes first

Diwali is the time when the family gets together to celebrate. The joy of being together with family is like no other. Focus on creating stronger family bonds. This helps kids grow into confident adults.

6. Generosity

Many among us indulge in acts of charity or generosity during the festival. Making it better for others is the source of true happiness. Help a friend out with a good deed, donate something to charity. The best way to teach this is to demonstrate.

7. Tradition

Year after year, Diwali is celebrated with the same pomp and grandeur in every Indian home across the country. Families come together religiously to celebrate Diwali. Sticking to one’s traditions is important to keep one grounded.

8. A new beginning

No matter how the rest of the year goes, we still make a fresh start with new clothes and gifts for everyone when Diwali arrives. Making a fresh start even towards the end of the year makes us happy. It is never too late to make a fresh start.

9. Shoo darkness away!

With every corner of the house lit up, where can darkness survive? On this day, lamps are lit to drive away the negative and usher in the positive. For students: Embrace your positive self and your best self will shine through.

10. Patience, because every ordeal has an end.

Ram, Sita and Lakshman were in exile for 14 years and never gave up hope of returning to Ayodhya. Sita was captured but he gathered an army and got her back. Be patient, keep working, and one day you will reap the rewards.
There are many more lessons one can find within the pages of the Ramayana and in the festival of Diwali. The heroes of the epic, Prince Ram, Prince Laxman and Princess Sita can teach us all invaluable lessons in living a just, honourable and fulfilling life.
Diwali is just around the corner. Which lesson do you want to start with?

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