What a STUPID Question?

What a STUPID Question?

Once there was a little boy who was bright but was afraid to ask questions in the class.

School and college value the right answer more than the right question. 

He understood this as he was scolded by his teachers more than once for being too curious and asking too many questions, when it should have been the other way round!

One day he cross-questioned the teacher on a concept he was explaining in class. 

The teacher shut him down by saying: “That’s a stupid question! What did you not understand?”

The student got nervous and decided to keep his extra questions to himself from there on!

We all have experienced this in our lives at some point. 

Till today, we hesitate to ask questions. 

We fear the reprimand we might experience. 

Thus, we’ve unfortunately come to believe that looking for answers to every problem is the only way to approach a problem.

The truth is: 

Questions help us answer problems better, because we understand the problem better.

What a stupid question” will intimidate you. 

Ask anyway!

Also remember” If you ask a stupid question on the spot, you look stupid for a moment; but it you don’t ask it, you remain stupid for life. “

So, ask anyway!

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