My parents won’t understand me!

My parents won’t understand me!

Karan, is an IIT first-year student whose passion and heart were elsewhere, in English literature. He had realized the JEE dream of his parents but going to college frustrated him and made him unhappy.

One day he was sitting inside the office of a therapist. Karan said, “I don’t want to study in IIT, I don’t like the college, the subjects. But if I leave I feel I will let my parents down. They just do not understand”.

His therapist, Mr. Gupta said, “Every day, I get 10+ emails or meet with patients who say these words.

Karan said, “What should I do to make them happy/understand?”
That, In my Opinion(IMO), is the wrong question to ask,” said Mr. Gupta.
“Why?” asked Karan.

“They have been tricked into believing that the solution is ‘doing something’. I remember that difficult conversation I had with my parents when I decided to leave the MNC well paying job to start my own business”

It was one of the hardest things I have done. But it is the best thing I have done. It is the conversation that Farhan had in 3 Idiots with his Abba. It is the conversation you need to have Karan.

Speak to the one you think will be most let down, if you fail, ask them for the freedom to make mistakes. Engage with your parents. Give them a chance.”

The words gave Karan hope and courage to follow his passion and trust his parents that they will give him a chance.

So if you are also stuck in a path which is not your calling. Just don’t keep on moving for the sake of this society and your parents. Go and talk to them. I am sure they will understand and appreciate.


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