Money can’t buy everything

Money can't buy everything

Two years ago, I participated in the Airtel Delhi half marathon. Since I was not running the full marathon, I finished my course and waited for my friends to join me.

I saw a nicely dressed guy, in glasses, surrounded by 3 or 4 other gentlemen. I thought he was probably a VIP – either a minister or a businessman. But when I saw him from close, I recognized him as a big movie star.

At that moment, I realized that however big you become in life, you always have to put in the effort yourself. Wealth can get certain things done for you, but there will be vast grounds that you will have to cover yourself. 

If you want to stay healthy, you have to say no to junk food.

If you want to stay focused, you have to say no to social media.

If you’re willing to become a topper, you have to do 3-4 hours of self-study.


Whatever I or anyone has been able to achieve – either big or small, they always pay the price.

That price is in terms of stretching yourself and moving out of your comfort zone.

The price of my dreams was that I often had to travel in overnight trains without reservations, on rickshaws to do the sales calls.

Even if my health did not allow it, I travelled by overnight bus just to meet a client.

I could not be with my wife when my daughter was born.

I could not give time to my family as I was travelling 20 days a month.

These are some of the costs I have paid for my dreams.

Remember: Nothing comes free but at a cost. Especially your dreams.

Are you willing to make sacrifices for your dreams and success?

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