How to raise my child as a topper?

“Topper”, the moment when you hear this word for other kids you feel ‘I WISH MY SON/ DAUGHTER WAS A TOPPER TOO!’ Every time, this thought comes whenever the class teacher proudly says, this year also he is the topper! For answering your questions about how your child can be a topper too, we are here with this blog.

Parents play a vital role in childcare and raising their child, from the morals to the support and lifestyle all these depend on positive parenting. Then why do we think the child needs to study for 12 hours a day and he’ll become the next topper! We all want to make our child a topper as “Once a topper, forever a topper” (if consistent). We don’t want to sacrifice our child’s education as we want to make them the best.

Children are going to school on time, doing homework daily, preparing for the exam well, taking extra classes, purchasing various side books, studying for long hours daily but still can’t make it. They are working hard putting all their efforts but not getting the grades that you want to see. You should think about the activities or the habits you’re following. As you are the one whom your child sees first and follows what you are doing. They can sit at a study table for long hours and still may not study. To change this habit you should read a book every night before going to bed, only then they will be more inclined to start a reading habit genuinely. As parents we need to be mindful of the kind of perspectives we display in front of our children. It is our duty as parents to teach our kids that the recipe for success and journey of a life is lengthy and tough. It requires a lot of patience and calmness. Make them understand that if they keep thinking about failure , and consider other students as more intelligent than them, then their mind will eventually get conditioned for failure. And, if they fail, also don’t show anger and frustration rather than praise them for their hard work and effort instead of the result.
Let’s talk about how you can help your child to be a topper:

● Creating a personal study space for your child

Does your child study in his/her study space or randomly study anywhere? If there’s no study space, you need to focus on providing a study space. The space should be well lit and away from the distractions such as noise or traffic. Also, design in such a way that your child will be attracted to the space. Give them the freedom to decorate it as they want.

Help your child in making a working time-table

A time-table or a planner is a must when you want your child to build highly effective habits to be a topper. Help in dividing parts of the day and week for studying different subjects with activities that will help them in their overall development. Make sure that the planner is well planned.

Teach your child to ask questions

In order to inculcate habits of highly effective students, no matter how the doubt is minor or major, they should clear it without hesitation. Make them know the importance of curiosity so that they will never hesitate in asking a minor doubt too. You can also request the school teacher to keep a doubt clearing session every week.

● No mental stress

As explained earlier, the way you do things is the same the child will do. So, always make sure to do only things that will teach your child something good or follow those habits that you want your child to follow. Fight between parents affects the mind of the child very badly. It changes the way your kid thinks about you and this is the first stage when children start hiding things and isolate themselves. For their peaceful study don’t allow any distraction to the house.

Parents are the first teachers for their children and hence play the most pivotal role in their development. Help your child improve their score in exams and remember the tools are not just for your child, but for you as well. Only when you start seeing things from a growth lens, then your child will start doing the same.

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