How to develop artistic skills in your child?

As we all know, our differences set us apart from each other. Mostly it happens in the younger ages, some are confident regarding their academics as they are more interested in studying while some don’t even know about what is their interest! Because they see others studying, they feel that all they have to do is study and study. Certainly, we shouldn’t ignore studies, but what about child prodigies? There are subjects like aeromodelling, painting, drawing, pottery, etc. that we ignore as well. We still think these subjects are of no importance no matter where we are in the new era of the 21st century. Don’t you think somewhere, we are pushing the young ones from knowing their true potential? Who knows if your child could be a good singer, dancer, or may even be able to make something that hasn’t been done before! We as parents need to start thinking about the importance of artistic skills and how it can help children identify and develop their talent.

If you will give your child every opportunity to find what he is passionate about from the beginning, you are actually helping your child in choosing his/her future and that truly means overall child development. Most of the youth are creative and they try to find art in every single thing. But, on the other hand not all of us can be a creator. So, what should you do to know what is the real interest of your child? How to identify their artistic skills? How to foster an artistic ability in your child?

Following are some tips on how you can encourage development of artistic skills in your child :-


As your child is trying to put down the beautiful butterflies and flowers of your garden on the drawing sheet with full fun and joy. You don’t want to see them get bored because of the activity so just decorate their walls with colours; you can also make your child put their palms on the walls dipped in colour. That will be an interesting part. Making the room according to a theme as per their interest is a good idea for engaging their mind and hence helping them develop an art skill.


When you are spending time with your child, just try to engage them in a quiz where you will be asking questions that will make the child think and answer. These questions should be open ended so that the child can prepare the answer by his/her own mental ability. For example- Showing a paper plane and asking them how we can make it? Yes you are right they cannot make a paper plane but whatever will be the result the child discovered something on their own. Hence helping them discover their art skill.


Children love listening to the story or watching a movie on the story 100 times, which won’t make them bored and tired. But, have you ever thought that you can engage them by building your own stories on which you and your child can act. This way you can definitely make them discover something new out of the box. And, who knows he can choose a career in acting. As well as you can see the way your child thinks about building up the story.


From making handmade candles to making handmade soaps we enjoy DIY stuff and this thing can help them with an art skill. Similarly, make them do artwork on their own. You can have chopped okra dipped in paint colour and teach them how they can have natural stamps. Necklace making with beads is a good idea if your child would like to go into fashion.


As explained earlier that not everyone can be a creator, not everyone can be an artist as well. You can help your child in discovering various artistic skills and encourage their artistic abilities but you cannot push them to get stuck on an activity which they don’t like. You may have seen children saying that they want to be a sketcher but later on they discovered that this is not what they want to do. So, always try to serve every dish and make them choose their favourite!
When you help them discover what they love to do, you are raising a child without any parental pressure that helps them to know their strong as well as weak points and they reach their destination without the confusion of what they really want to do.

You should first make your child do or at least try everything to identify their artistic ability. It always starts from your love, care, support, motivation and making them believe in themselves to achieve any dream. Parents can shape their future by cheering up and helping them out in improving their artistic skills. Have you ever seen your 2 year child painting happily and confidently? You would’ve motivated him/her for the painting and the very next day you’d see the child painting with much interest than the earlier day. The motivation, the support you provide to a toddler when he tries to walk becomes his power that he can do it!

Similarly, when you encourage your child adding support it will help the child to discover their artistic skills and artistic ability hence as per their choice they can do best in their lives. Some artistic skill examples are : Drawing skills, Painting skills, Dancing skills, Singing skills, Music composition skills, Acting skills,Writing skills, Printmaking skills, Sculpting skills, Filmmaking skills, etc.

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