How to be One Among the Eight Billion on Earth?

I was watching a web series with my son.

Crash Course on Amazon Prime.

In the show, some characters were shown as very intelligent and sharp.

Some were average.

While others were strugglers, frequently facing burnout.

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Given that my son (an average student) was preparing for JEE mains, I told him some students are born sharp and they could learn easily and happily.

But not everyone is God-gifted!

He replied to me that I was wrong.

He said he is also God-gifted.

I asked him –


He replied:

  • He has classmates who don’t have parents.
  • He has classmates who come on foot.
  • He has classmates who cannot afford an air conditioner.
  • He has classmates who live with their families in just one room.


He said he has all kinds of privileges. And he did nothing to earn them.

I was happy with my son’s perception, but I wondered if he was right.

Are most of us truly God-gifted?

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