How can I get a top rank in JEE 2022?

I was talking to a student in a one to one counseling session and he asked, ‘Sir How can I get a top rank in JEE 2022?

I come across this question very frequently. So, I probed, 

  • What can you do to ensure that you become master in Physics?
  • Are you willing to give up all your distractions (mobile/internet/Netflix and endless watching YouTube videos) and five 100% attention to your studies for next 6 months.
  • How often do you get out of comfort Zone and stretch yourselves?

The answer is a deep desire to excel in what we do and give nothing but 100% till we achieve our Goals. He had no interest in answering my questions and with disappointment, he reiterated, ‘That is not what I asked?’

I said, ‘That’s exactly the problem. Learn to ask the right question. Next time, ask yourself, ‘How can master the concepts so well that the teacher has no choice but to award full marks?’ He was stunned.

Ask this question yourself. This will take you to the top!

Commit yourselves that you will take your preparation to next level every day every session and the game is won!

So go ahead and change the game!

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