How big is your “WHY?”


How big is your “WHY?”


Once a parent approached me along with his son who was preparing for JEE. The father said my son is not motivated and he has potential but he is not giving his best.

I started speaking to the son and asked, “Why do you want to crack JEE?”

He had no answer and very reluctantly he said because his parents wanted him to do so & other students in the class were also doing the same.

I found the problem- His why was not clear; hence there was no compelling reason for him to give his 100%.

I asked his father to arrange a half-day tour of IIT Delhi and just take the boy around the IIT campus and to meet after one week.

Following a week when I met the student he was charged up and when I again asked him the same question “Why do you want to crack JEE”, he said

I want to crack JEE because I want to study on the best campus

I want to crack JEE because I want to study with the best students in the country

I want to crack JEE because I want the best faculty, best festivals and best student life

I want to crack JEE because to work with the best companies in the world

The students had a different approach in their preparation as his Why was clear. You can have a different ‘why’, it can be a good salary, assured career, social prestige, making your parents proud etc.

Remember when your WHY is clear you will automatically find out How. If you are going on a train and I ask you to jump, you will not do it but if you find that the train has got fire, somehow you will find out how to get down from the running train. The difference is in the second case your Why is clear.

 And when to get sorted with your why and how that is when MAGIC happens.


Many times our How is clear but we keep on postponing the work because the Why is not clear. It is often said, once you know your why you can survive almost anyhow. Your conviction to why should drive your passion in your preparation and personal life. 

Life is all about finding your why. It is your reason to do something 100%. Identify your why, and you will find your way.

If ever you get stuck at some point in life, remember why you started, and it will give your enough motivation. Why is the purpose, which keeps you going through hardship!

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