Are Toppers God Gifted?

What is your Superpower, TOPPERS? 


Every student envy the Toppers of their class, who are most consistent with their grades and yet cry for that ‘1 mark’ which could have instead helped YOU pass your whole semester. Their good tuning with teachers, their parents’ brags about their performance at school makes other students envy their presence wondering if they really hold high IQ or are ‘god-gifted’?    

Well, the Truth is They are NOT!

Neither they are born with a high IQ nor are they Superbeings.

They grow their IQ

They grow their IQ day by day, session by session, and question by question

They grow their IQ by failing, reflecting, learning, and trying again

They grow their IQ by going out of their comfort zone, struggling with questions for hours without seeing the solution.

They grow their IQ by not comparing their progress with other students but their own past performance. 

In one of our interviews with Rohit Kumar (JEE 2021, AIR 31), we asked him 

“if he thought he was special or had a high IQ?”,  

He said, initially he was similar to all the students but over a period of time, his hard work gave him an edge over other students. Now when he is able to solve questions faster and better, students think he has a higher IQ but this is not the case, it is only hard work over a period of time.

When he was asked, “What after IIT?”.

He said he wanted to focus on the present and future plans that would unfold themselves. When asked about the number of hours he studies, he said he focused on completing the required course rather than worrying about the number of hours.

So, Toppers become Toppers by signing up for hard work instead of complaining about others having it EASY!

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