#6/10 PAUSE and THINK

#5/10 Don’t manage TIME manage ENERGY
January 2, 2021
Managing Parent Expectations and Relationship
January 19, 2021

#6/10 PAUSE and THINK

The lockdown brought the entire world to standstill and it seemed as if everything had stopped.
This sudden pause offered a unique opportunity for reflection and introspection. It was during this time i realized that it is very important to stop for a while, press the pause button and look back and thank all the people who helped you reach where you are today.
Unfortunately most of are in a rat race where we are always running and chasing one goal after the other. And many times, we keep on running even after the race has finished. All of us are Hardened Rats.
So whenever you reach any mukaam (desired place) just press the pause button and thank all the people who have helped you reach there.

2020 is coming to an end, who are the people you would like to thank?

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