#5/10 Don’t manage TIME manage ENERGY

December 30, 2020
#6/10 PAUSE and THINK
January 4, 2021

#5/10 Don’t manage TIME manage ENERGY

During the initial days of lockdown, I had a lot of time but somehow I was not able to complete my work and was always lagging behind. It was somewhere during my introspection that I realized that what was missing was Energy. It implies that whenever we say we don’t have time we infer that we don’t have the energy because if we had the energy we could have managed time and somehow completed the task. Since that day rather than managing my time, I have been trying to manage my ENERGY, prioritizing the task of putting the right energy in the right task. Everybody has the same amount of time but different levels of energy. Energy according to Physics is the capacity to work and comes from 3 areas (Physical, spiritual and emotional)

The best part is you can expand your energy levels by doing specific rituals and following certain habits.

What are you managing Time or energy?

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