10 tips for the last few days before exam

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October 13, 2020

10 tips for the last few days before exam

Tip 1: Intense Review:
  • The biggest mistake is to run after more and more new content. Remember success and failure in  JEE/NEET  is dependent on what you know and not on what you don’t know so focus all your energies on consolidating all your knowledge
  • Many times we get confused in examination hall that is due to lack of revision
  • Under no circumstance should you solve new problems in the last few days. Focus your attention on the main points of revision. Time is very limited and how you spend it, is important. Focus on the rapid notes and questions marked in the consolidation phase

Tip 2: Practice lot of Output:
  • Success is dependent on what extent a student is able to convert his knowledge (input) into net score (output).
  • Results of a survey said that most of the students fail not because of lack of knowledge (input) but because of inability to convert input into output. So rather than passive revision focus on Active Recall/make mind maps/practice questions with time limit.
  • In Spite of this it has been frequently seen that the student still spends 99% of his energy and time in gaining input i.e. acquiring more and more knowledge and ignoring output.
Tip 3 : Take as many JEE/NEET Mock tests as possible:
  • We all must have faced situation where we solve question immediately after the exam. The reason for this loss is examination tension and pressure which can be reduced by mock tests. Test helps in giving finishing touches and improving output.
  • Test should tell you where you are, where you have to be what is the gap and how exactly that gap can be filled up. Test should act as a tool to improve output .
  • Post test analysis is very important but our internal research shows that very few students lay emphasis on post-test analysis, fewer still identify their strong & weak areas & very few of the rest learn how to avoid these mistakes in future. Remember the key to success is identifying the mistakes and avoiding them in future. 
  • After each test analyze your performance for at least 1 to 2 hours to find out where did you go wrong & what are the areas of improvement (is it the speed or the strike rate or both or something else). Post-test analysis should clearly identify your strengths & weaknesses so that you can work upon your weaknesses before you take the next test.
Tip 4 : Finalize the test taking strategy for JEE/NEET 2020 :
  • Decide the sequence of sections
  • Decide time for each section
  • Be ready for surprises
Tip 5: Avoid talking about your preparation of JEE/NEET 2020 and state of mind with others

 When with friends; try not to talk excessively about how nervous you are, how you are going to perform and what the final results might be. This will only succeed in making you more nervous and will take your attention off your preparation.

Tip 6: Post a lot of positive messages around your Study Table:  

enhance your self-esteem by surrounding yourself with   positive messages. Post your family images. Your parents and family gives you lot of strength. Paste pictures where you have won prizes. One of the toppers I interacted with said every morning the first thought he used to focus was visualizing that he is going to CRACK the exam( JEE/NEET 2020)

Tip 7: Relax the day before the JEE/NEET 2020.

Do what you like the best or do what makes you happy or motivate you. Anxiety and excitement are normal on the eve of the examination. Suppress excessive worry.

Tip 8: Verify the exact location of your examination center:

 At least one day before the exam. It is advised that if possible you should go to the JEE/NEET 2020 Test Centre along with some body. It can be your parents, uncle, elder brother or even your friend. Check the exact time of the commencement of your examination. Plan to be there at least half-an-hour before the scheduled time. If commuting is going to take you half an hour, you shall start at least an hour before the examination starts

Tip 9:

Have a light meal and Good sleep. Listen to some soft music. Go to bed at least by 10.30 p.m. not later. At this point, an hour of sleep is more valuable to your performance than an hour of extra cramming. In fact it is advised to go to bed a little earlier than usual. This way, even if you do not sleep well, you will still get enough rest.

Tip 10: Be mentally strong.  

Just think that you have worked hard throughout the year for JEE/NEET 2020 and tomorrow is going to be your day. As Sachin Tendulkar once said “Matches are fought and won in the mind not in the field”

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