3 stories with POWERFUL lessons from Ramayana

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3 stories with POWERFUL lessons from Ramayana

In a plethora of festivals, Diwali is considered to be the biggest and brightest festival celebrating triumph of good over evil. Amid many in thrilling mythological epics, Ramayana holds a massive significance that illustrates ,no matter how powerful the evil is, it eventually gets defeated and victory of righteousness prevails over sins.

On this eve, I find it hard to suppress my festive spirit and bounds me to share some beautiful and interesting learning’s from Ramayana.

Story I

While delivering a Sermon, monk said, “I’ve got two beautiful statues, one of Rama and the other of Ravana. ” He asked everyone to collect one statue of their choice i.e. the followers can either collect statue of Rama or Ravana .

In a religious and country like India with strong spiritual values, where everyone idolizes Rama and want to be like him , everyone took his statue and no one even touched Ravana’s statue as Ravana depicts evil of the society.

The next day after sermon, the Monk again said the same thing. So again like the day before there was big line for statue of Lord Rama and no takers for Ravana. While the queue was being managed the monk announced that he forgot to tell that today Rama’s statue is carved out of wood while Ravana’s statue is made of 22 carat gold. Just after the monk finished speaking, everyone rushed towards Ravans’s gold statue.

In context to this story I want to illustrate the facts that, human breed has found it convenient to mould or change interpretation of religion according to their convenience. We all lack clarity of thoughts and have no well defined purpose of life. Our decisions are indecisive and we even lack a sense of fulfilment.

Due to lack of strong determination and clarity, I’ve seen that students often make shaky decisions due to which they are seen either changing their streams or they even have a tendency to leave things midway just to suit their convenience. It is very important to channelize our efforts and thinking in right direction that we do not get deviated from track every now and then.

Story II

In second story , I want to share my childhood incident where my father asked me, “Avinash, Why don’t you watch Mahabharata and Ramayana?. To which I replied, ” I don’t like Mahabharata and Ramayana. These are just mythologies and impart no wisdom”. I even asked my father, ” What can a person possibly learn from them?”. To this my father gave a very interesting reply and said, ” Mahabharata was a consequence of people demanding and fighting for their rights while in Ramayana, you will see people sacrificing their rights, even their lives for others.”

So in nutshell Mahabharata happens when we start fighting for materialistic things and Ramayana happens when we are willing to forgo everything for our values and principles. He also added that it depends on us, whether we want to adopt outlook of Ramayana or Mahabharata in our lives. 

Neither perspective is wrong or weaker. A student who has opted for Arts stream does not mean that he is weak intellectually. However adopting correct perspective can turn out to be a milestone in life of any student. We have to be content and confident with our decision.

Story III

My third story is actually a last minute conversation between Rama and Ravana, just after Lord Rama striked Ravana with his arrow and Ravana was about to die. Lord Ram went to Ravana to have a last minute conversation.

Ravana asked, “Even though I am bigger than you in every aspect of life, be it wealth, intelligence or power. I lost. I lost even after being mightier than you. Can you tell me why it happened?”

To this Rama very beautifully replied, ” My brother was beside me in entire fight while your brother did not support you. He also supported me. This is the reason you lost the battle as your own family was not with you in this battle”

With the help of this story, I want to illustrate how important family support is. The strength that lies in unity and family support is unbeatable. With support from family, a person can fight even the mightiest powers in world.

A student can achieve everything in his life; can fight every battle and sometimes the battle starts from the home itself. But with strong willpower and family support, a person can do wonders.

To all my dear friends, I wish that you keep learning and keep growing. I believe in you and so should you. Keep moving forward with same enthusiasm just like Diwali Festival spirit.


Avinash Agarwal

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  1. Ajay says:

    An interesting read – It is very important to channelize our efforts and thinking in right direction that we do not get deviated from track every now and then. We have to be content and confident of our decisions.

    Happy Diwali to all.

  2. Jatin says:

    Very informative and motivating blog!!
    Really loved the way information has been put together in the form of story.

  3. Rakesh Kumar says:

    It’s very inspirational thought which will awake your subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is a data-bank for everything, which is not in our conscious mind. It stores our beliefs. This blog helped me to restore the positive beliefs in my subconscious mind.

  4. Ankit says:

    Wow, really inspirational blog. I learned so many things from this blog

  5. Shipra says:

    This is a fresh perspective to the traditional stories. I enjoyed narrating these short stories to my kids!!

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