#2/10 Be patient at Macro level and impatient at Micro-level

December 26, 2020
December 29, 2020

#2/10 Be patient at Macro level and impatient at Micro-level

When your focus is on execution, acceleration is important but when you are trying to find a new direction in your life and business, it is NAVIGATION that matters. So, try switching between Acceleration and Navigation from time to time depending on what stage you are in. Be patient at the Macro level where the direction is more important and impatient at the Micro-level where execution is the key to success.
Always remember that success is not only about running fast it is also about running in the right direction. Life is not a 100m sprint but it is a marathon where you have to consciously decide when to slow down and when to accelerate. If you focus too much on acceleration in the starting then you may not be able to complete the race.

So, what are your views on what is more important- speed or direction?
Or what are you running a sprint or Marathon?

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